Muscle Building / Physique

An introduction to efficient training methods, using the compound exercises, in addition to the most effective accessory movements to develop a symmetrical physique to the fullest potential. This will include discussion of the many factors which are required in order to create an ‘anabolic environment’ essential to your success.

Building a healthy, strong, proportional physique requires a balanced approach, where we train the major muscle groups and identify and target areas which require specialisation. There is a period of adaptation which occurs in the body, with visible gains in muscle occurring over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Increases in strength will often be realized much sooner. Training over a 12-week period allows an understanding of effective training methods and to develop form. We work through a realistic progression, fine-tuning your training and eating habits to see the results of your efforts.

To achieve success, it is important to follow a programme suited to your current level of ability, rather than just determined by your desire to succeed. This can often result in doing too much too soon often sabotaging long-term progress. I can assess your capacity for work and advise you on a programme which will put you on the right track to results.

Nutrition plays a huge role in your success, in order to increase muscular body weight, without adding unwanted body fat, therefore, discussion about the right foods to eat will also be addressed.

  • Minimum commitment of 12 weeks
  • One session of up to 60 minutes
  • £50 per week
  • For Strongman and Endurance training please use the consultation form to make further enquiries

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